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July 8, 2019by lovelylife0

What is living in "alignment"?

From generation to generation, from culture to culture; our collective over time has wondered about the spiritual quest of living in “alignment”, but what does it really mean to be aligned? Spiritual leaders, widely acclaimed authors, and even scientists have brought up interesting theories and personal experiences about what alignment could truly mean and how important it is to be in genuine alignment with self.

I believe living in alignment is that of the law of attraction and it basically means you are an energetic match to whatever it is you want and desire. You feel good about yourself, your life and the people that surround you. You are relaxed, happy and there is an absolute certainty that whatever you desire is coming and there are no doubts obstructing your own visions. 

We live in a society that does not yet fully understand what it means to live in alignment and lack of that knowledge and conversation can make people believe it’s unimportant or simply unrealistic to obtain for themselves. That alone can make it difficult or confusing to even attempt being in alignment or searching for it. For example, if you are reading this right now, this is something you’ve personally attracted into your life. Whether you realize it or not, your life is a reflection of your thoughts. Your mind, body, and spirit deserve to feel energetically restored by personal growth and balance that comes with being aligned to your truest self. Especially in times of Mercury Retrograde (like right now) or just in regular life obstacles, it’s absolutely imperative to understand how you feel aligned and unaligned.

How to know if you're living in alignment

Our thoughts and desires creates expansion in the universe. We are causing a rippling expansion with the source of all creation. The way we perceive, act, and think has a major affect on the entire collective. Yes, you are truly that powerful. Living in alignment does not just affect you personally but it affects everyone and everything. Once Source receives vibration of what you truly desire, it starts to show you new opportunities, people, and components necessary to fulfill that manifestation power. Your emotions and thoughts alone are the main focus behind this energy force. You have a choice and an obligation to yourself to create the life you want without inner resistance. When you start the journey of aligning with your highest self, all that you desire will manifest and materialize in physical reality.

So how can you tell when you’re in alignment? You should feel good. Being in alignment in simple terms is feeling good about yourself and your life. Feeling bad means you are out of alignment. An example of not being in alignment would be holding on to a limiting, negative belief such as thinking that what you want is impossible, or thinking that you do not deserve something. You are then creating fear and resistance against the very thing you desire and manifesting what you don’t want.

We as a culture are stressed, busy-obsessed, productivity-obsessed, and culture-obsessed. Our obsessions with 98% of things that don’t actually matter hold us back from our truest potential and highest level of happiness. We lose alignment in the memories of each season and day. We allow time to go by without focusing or even caring about our own growth, death, and re-birth phases. We’ve overlooked our health and well-being over people’s opinions and opportunities we thought we would miss out on.  And worse of all, we’ve lost connection to spirit; our soul. Our soul pleads with us for nourishment. It might say “go out in nature today” or “give yourself time to alone”. And we hit snooze and continue the same patterns that keep us addicted, upset, and out of alignment.

Daily habits to keep you in alignment:


Meditation is a powerful tool to improve your focus because it allows you to calm your mind and get into a “zone.” There are many forms of meditation including breathing, mindfulness, guided, spiritual, activity-oriented meditation and so much more. You can meditate while sitting, standing, lying down, walking, and even dancing. Try incorporating meditation into your life, even 15 minutes can lead your day into a positive direction.



Journal your thoughts

Writing in a journal offers a level of reflection, accountability, and organization where you can express your feelings, and sort out what’s going on in your mind. You can use your creativity endlessly and capture ideas, plans, and actions. You can learn more about yourself and your emotions and try to identify and heal certain areas that are painful and unhealed. Recording your honest feedback allows a look into your progress and will give you your best results. It is also the perfect place to write your affirmations, and rampages of appreciation, among lots of other fun writing activities that can uplift and soothe your spirit.



Vision boards & affirmations

Creating a vision board is a fun, creative and positive way to keep you aligned with your dreams, representing and focusing on your brain with the images and words of your ideal life. Having this visual representation in constant view is a potent reminder of what your values and priorities are, and keeps you inspired and excited towards achieving all that you desire. Repeating positive affirmations can help to override your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and move you in the direction of the life you want to create for yourself.



Read positive material

Reading positive material from books and articles can trigger a new flow of ideas and creation. When reading positive material, your vocabulary expands, stress levels decrease, memory improves, and mind gets to re-birth a new set of positive feelings and hopefulness. Reading one positive book could drastically alter your perspective on yourself and life, thus, raising your frequency and placing you into your soul alignment.



Process your emotions, feelings & intuition

Processing your emotions allows you to look deeply inside yourself and heal parts of yourself that are difficult to live through. If you often feel angry, don’t just try to neglect or numb yourself out. What positive action can you take to transmute the energy of the anger into something proactive? Feel it and ask the anger what message it as for you. Practice this with all of your emotions and feelings. Your inner guidance needs your connection. Connect openly to your soul, spirit and heart and the rest will follow. 



Staying in alignment with your highest self

Remind yourself daily that the only thing that truly matters is feeling good. 

As you are aligning with your true desires, you are aligning with your higher self. When we are talking about alignment with the higher self, we are energetically creating (with our thoughts and emotions) an energetic vibrational parallel between ourselves and our higher selves. How do you know if you’re in alignment with your desires and therefore Source? You will feel positive emotion. You will be looking forward to your own manifestations birthing with enthusiasm and without attachment or need. You will trust that it will manifest with ease instead of effort. 

You don’t need to drop every limiting belief you hold onto to begin the process of letting in more of what you want. You have to understand your desires and be receptive to receiving them. Your genuine willingness to accept what the universe wants to give you will open up so many opportunities towards your dreams. 

In moments of true alignment with self, you begin flowing energy towards what you want, even in the presence of obstacles and disasters. Those worth-living-for moments, even if they are short-lived, are so incredibly powerful, and you are without a doubt making a contribution towards the energy necessary to let in your manifestation. The more that you practice your own daily habits towards being in true alignment will shift everything around you and for you. Remember that being in alignment isn’t about being perfect or happy 100% of the time as this is not realistic to anyone. However, practicing living in alignment will improve the quality of your life and ANY effort of that is worth pursuing for yourself and for our universe. Do something that puts you into alignment today, even if it’s as simple as reading a book or meditating. You deserve that right to self-love and freedom. 


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