Aquarius Monthly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

The admirable Aquarius, the New Year requires your intense focus, understanding, and resilience. In the January period, Mercury’s influence will not remain indifferent to any Aquarius and will positively affect family and career issues overall. Your surroundings are becoming for involved in what you do and help you with your processes. Take the help and advice as a divine blessing. Show that you know what you are doing, but do not exalt or exhaust yourself too much, and you will see that the month will be very successful!

Allow the New Year to inspire your inner child and fulfill your desires and wants. You are quickly evolving your energy and others are taking notice in a positive way. Your actions are becoming more calculated and understood. This looks like an easy-going but rewarding time in your life. Be sure to trust your inner intuition on anything arising; acknowledge if it’s good or bad. Follow your gut instinct, Aquarius, it can be extremely beneficial to you January and the following months!


Lately, you’ve felt the need to be more connected and empathetic with someone. For singles under the Aquarius sign, they should sign up for some classes and look for a hobby because someone is waiting for them with whom they can build their lives with.  Hobbies can truly cement a beautiful bond. Because of the Mars Retrograde, you had to recalibrate your romantic and platonic goals, placing you into this evolved mindset. As the new year begins, you will notice that all of the events transpiring for you last year are truly bearing fruit now. You are definitely assessing your intuitive nature and applying it well to your life choices!


You aren’t the happiest with work-life currently. You’ve been doing okay mostly because you’ve been adjusting to a more positive outlook on life in general. This New Year might be a great opportunity for you to try new things or grow what you’re good at! Career growth is achieved by socializing with people who can help your career ambitions. You might even see your family members being more supportive of your career decisions as they are starting to see from your perspective. Set clear and defined goals that will help you improve on your financial and career situation. There might be an inflow of money that comes along with it! 


Adoring Aquarius, you are simply glowing and looking and feeling very healthy this month! You’ve been taking care of yourself and it shows. You’ve gained more progress due to your focus and control on your current goals. However, it is advised to continue taking care of yourself; as well as resting, staying relaxed, and especially avoiding work and family-related stress. Caring for your health is not only a treatment but above all, prevention. You are looking absolutely marvelous in January, Aquarius!
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