Cancer Monthly Forecast

JUN 21-JUL 22

Cancer, it’s very important for you to remember to use your voice this month. Others will try and dictate certain views or actions, tearing at your personal milestones. You are working on improving yourself and this needs to be in full effect in order to move forward. Try not to waste your time dithering in others points-of-view, as it can cease your progress.

Remember that you are sometimes misjudged by other signs and to surround yourself with people who align with your energy. It might be a good time to focus on yourself and your goals and to not let the outside distractions lead you down a path that can be avoided. Stay strong and remain optimistic for the future!

Jupiter has your back, Cancer! You will receive more relief when it comes to your romantic relationships. You are entering a more trusting and nurturing side of yourself. It’s perfectly okay to admit to your faults and learn how to cope with your feelings, this allows others to be more accepting of your energy. You are focusing more on loving than being loved; which is a nice step in a different direction!
September looks promising this month for the eager crab! Astrologically speaking, this time seems perfect for managing your career options and setting realistic short-term and long-term goals for yourself! You will see a lot of positivity and confidence surrounding your work in the beginning half of the month, just remember to stay focused and patient towards the end of September!

Your physical health may not seem startling Cancer, but don’t exclude your mental health. September might bring out some emotional traumas that may affect your current mindset and progress. Though you may feel like you are in great shape physically, the mental and emotional fronts can be devastating if not properly taken care of. Take this time to reflect deeply on your mental health and healing. Stay positive during this time and don’t let stress be a factor regressing in your health!
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