Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

Capricorn, you will have to focus on cooperation and working with others if you want your passions and affirmations to become a reality! Initially, it can cause problems, because Capricorn wants to act alone, but they will quickly find out that many benefits come from cooperation not just in their career but in their spiritual path. If you prove to be a great listener and leader, you will reap many benefits this month!

Think about the strategy and do not be fooled by some of the opportunities that lay ahead. Listen to loved ones because their advice may save you from serious losses and financial problems. You will find that the more you collaborate with those on the same vibrational match as you, the more you will learn about yourself. Being connected will help you stay grounded and positive, it’s a great time to make time for networking and those whom you love!


There is not too much happening month romantically this month for Capricorn individuals as they will focus more on friendships rather than romantic engagements. Your friendships will bring you happiness and bliss during this time. For now, matters of the heart will be forgotten. Neglecting your instincts can be a bad idea, so be sure to tune into your intuitive powers and listen to your soul speak. Capricorn in relationships will focus on your projects and work, but it will not involve cooling the relationship, but instead, with a feeling that the relationship is going well, you can find a moment for yourself. If the relationship doesn’t feel right – leave it. This goes for non-romantic relationships as well. This month, you are interested in the happiness and prosperity of yourself and those around you!


Capricorn, this may be a great time for your career to bloom! Lately, you’ve been feeling stuck and unstable but luckily for you, your luck is starting to change. You’ll witness a good increase in your career graph as the movement of planets and stars favor your position. More responsibilities might come around, but they’ll pave your path to improve your status and financial rewards! Ensure to double-check your tasks before finalizing it to decrease avoidable mistakes!


Capricorn, you must take care of health now, beginning in the New Year. Especially psychologically and intellectually. When you do not cater to your mental health, a slew of problems can occur. You can avoid this by balancing intellectually, keep yourself challenged. You enjoy learning and strengthening your mind. Yoga, meditation, and other quiet exercises will be very important and for you and will help a lot. Remember, staying hydrated and maintaining a certain level of exercises will only help in these matters!
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