Gemini Monthly Forecast

MAY 21-JUNE 20

The New Year allows the Gemini people to concentrate on their family members, home, and emotional stability- which need special attention from you. Your attention will be primarily focused on your loved ones because you are a natural lover and healer. You can expect some of your priorities to change, causing some setbacks to arise in your work-life. But fear not, for your goodwill will have positive effects on your livelihood as well as those important to you. You will start to shift your energy back onto work and personal projects towards the mid-end of January. Make self-care a priority and be sure that you are properly cared for. You must feel replenished in this new energy for positive certain actions to take place!

While others may be calling you for help, it’s important that you also help yourself. Even though you are loving and nurturing by nature, you cannot give your all to anyone without giving yourself your love, energy, and attention first!  Be ready to shift into a new gear this year, Gemini, and it begins this January!


Love might not seem like it’s prevalent at this time, Gemini. However, despite the unfavorable layout of the planets and the backward movements of Mercury, you will not complain about the lack of success in love. You are feeling content and more in control over your life and emotions. You are truly strengthening your inner love and peace! You will actually take your loving energy and apply it towards yourself, family, and close friends. Take this as a win and practice patience, things will certainly come around!


January is not the best time to start spending large amounts of money, so take this time to save and practice patience. There might not be too much improvement in your finances, however, you can expect additional incomes to happen towards the end of the month if you take action in your work life!  You are focused primarily on others and yourself, which is perfectly fine! You understand that your level of productivity or workload does not define you. Various engaging and intellectual opportunities will occur in your career which will encourage you to shift your focus for future development.


For the graceful Gemini, you will find yourselves in impeccably good health and energy this month! With no impending health issues, you will feel energetic and enigmatic this month. Your new found energy is excited by the New Year and is motivating you to eat better (mostly). You will participate in various physical activities which will demand your best physical and mental health conditions. Remember, in order to be your best version you must take care of your health and make it priority!
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