Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20
Pisceans, this is absolutely your time to shine! The New Year promises positive changes and an overall boost in morale, starting January. The second half of the month will turn out to be even more excellent, and there will be new opportunities to gain and plans to execute! Because you have taken time to self-heal and understand yourself more even during the holidays, you are able to communicate authentically with others. These connections in relationships will help you flourish in your aspirations and goals! 
You might want to surround yourself with people who are like-minded, creative, and understanding. Networking will definitely be beneficial to you in January, so don’t be afraid to get out there! There will be also times where you will need to reflect and heal in solitude to truly stay balanced and mentally focused. Just use your inner intuition and you will have mostly positive experiences in January; a great start in momentum for the New Year!

Pisces in relationships will experience a resurgence of feelings. You will start to experience new hobbies, conversation, and feelings for the person you are coupled with. Both sides will add more energy and fire to the relationship. Past troubles and conflicts will be mostly resolved, leaving you feeling mentally strong and clear in January. It is worth considering taking a trip or taking a few days to enjoy romance in a different place. Those who are single will feel completely centered and not in a rush to find love. The singles from the Pisces sign meet interesting people on their way, potentially people who they could imagine investing their time and energy into. Influence can turn into something more serious but remember that love needs time to grow. Patience and presence are key in all of this!


January will prove to be successful, not only at work but also in financial terms. The cosmos are throwing you some extra luck and momentum to get started in the New Year! Especially in the second half of the month, it will turn out to be good, and there will be new opportunities to gain. Networking, socializing, and showing your true personality will genuinely help you in your career goals. Don’t allow any self-doubt to step in this month, the more mentally focused you remain, the easier things will flow in your favor. If you think well of a one-off inflow of money, you’ll make a permanent source of income through that!


Pisces does not lack energy in January and will be in excellent mental condition! The more that you take care of in your health, the better the results you will experience. If you make it an extreme effort to improve your nutrition, fitness, and mental health this month, you will bear the fruit of your hard work in no time! The energy for you is free-flowing and in your control. Relaxation is also very important for you and making sure that you are destressing will allow you to flourish with fewer obstacles!
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