Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

Sagittarius; the mysteriously beautiful centaur of ancient mythologies. Your fiery energy will help you get through some of the emotionally draining aspects of this month. You will likely have problems with family, or a family member specifically. You must proceed with caution with your loved ones; else you will only aggravate conflict. Focusing on professional matters will allow you to distance yourself from family problems.

In this January, the Sagittarius will be characterized by courage in action, the need to demonstrate and the ability to adapt to difficult conditions. You have the intense, powerful energy to get through everything and it will only make you stronger, Sag. Long-term planning will help you make profit as well as give you a sense of stability, which is highly important to you. Your resilience and persistence are unrivaled, you got this!

Your inherent nature makes you quite curious and indecisive about everything, including love. When it comes to understanding love, you question everything. Not because you want to but because it’s what makes you feel safe and secured. Love could be something you could realistically start gravitating towards but you must face it with optimism, honesty, and an open heart! There may be some conflicts in your love life in mid-January but fear not, either things will reconcile and get better or you will happily leave. The choice is always yours!

There will be a complete balance happening in your professional life this month Sagittarius. You do not have to worry, everything will go your way, and even an unexpected reward may be waiting for you, which will not only bring money but also increase your prestige in the work environment. January is a great period to invest and take on risks, especially during the first half of the month! Profit can bring you an unplanned or foreign trip, so you should consider the option of working outside your homeland. Long-term investments in securities and real estate will give you immense profits, you just have to make the moves!


The New Year is a great month for Sagittarians to engage themselves in athletic and sporting activities not only for their physical health but for the emotional and mental health as well. You might experience lower levels of energy, fatigue, or minor sickness. This is usually due to the spring solstice. Look into holistic ways of healing, this could have an overall radical improvement of the condition will take place at the end of the month. Just remember, you are in control of how you feel and if your energy is low, you must examine why!
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