Scorpio Monthly Forecast

OCT 23-NOV 21

You are full of power, high-energy, and passion this month. Although these are positive traits, others may be envious of your natural charisma and personality. Remember that the opinions of others don’t have a vibrational match in your life and to remain optimistic through it all. You are wanting to collaborate with others creatively, which will boost morale and personal performance. You will notice that you are becoming more confident and self-evolving for the first three weeks of September.

As the sun moves into Libra, you might experience some setbacks and a decrease in your energy. Don’t allow this to overcome you but be prepared. You will want to be around supportive and uplifting people who help you achieve your goals!

Sexy Scorpio, you and your love are in full bloom this month. You will make the absolute most of your passion and intimacy this month. Even though this month looks beautiful for your love life, remember that self-love should still definitely take priority. Don’t allow certain fears or insecurities to hinder your growth or progress. Be loving and supportive but do not invest all of your time and energy on others, reserve it for yourself. You do not need affirmation or validation from anyone, remember that. You feel the best when you are empowered and full of love. You are always evolving, remain optimistic!


Are you feeling philanthropic this month, Scorpio? It seems like your new focus and mindset has arranged a new set of activities you would like to experience this month. You feel more in touch with your finances, organization, and confidence; making this month perfect for evolving on your career options. Take risks and opportunities as long as they are well thought-out and calculated to best benefit you. Remember to remain confident even when an opposition lies ahead of you. You are quite the busy bee this month, enjoy the extra boost in energy!


You are very blessed with mental and physical strength. Make sure you properly maintain your work-life balance with personal plans to avoid unnecessary mistakes and stress. You are feeling very healthy and in control; however, other signs in your life may be struggling so be sure to be extra loving and patient with them. Don’t allow the energy level of others deter you from achieving your own health, wellness, and fitness goals. This is perfect timing for you to try outdoor activities to get some fresh air while also increasing your endorphin levels. Things look overall positive for you this month Scorpio!
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