Scorpio Monthly Forecast

OCT 23-NOV 21

You are full of power, high-energy, and passion in the New Year. Although, this is no surprise for you Scorpio. you have predominantly great, positive traits, others may be envious of your natural charisma and personality. Remember that the opinions of others don’t have a vibrational match in your life and to remain optimistic through it all. You will feel a strong urge to start new and create a new lifestyle that fits your new mindset. You will feel strong and go beyond all boundaries; yours and the world.

This is a good time to allow your creativity to run wild. In the New Year, you will experience more opportunities that are aligned with your true passions. Spirituality for you is usually wonderful but remember that it can’t ever be an escape from your reality. You have to confront your emotions and sort through what you want to obtain this year to truly make it yours! Focus, learn, and execute Scorpio!

Scorpio, you are always known to be the sexy and mysterious type. However, this month could remain pretty ordinary to what you are currently experiencing. Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power this year. You have great freedom to shape this area, as you will. The Cosmos doesn’t push you one way or the other. Things will remain complacent until you are ready to ascend to another level, which is usually on your own terms! This will be a strong month for friendships and family, so radiate that love to them!


You will experience some difficulty getting along with older and more experienced employees/clients who will not understand your vision and will push their ideas in the workplace. It’s possible that you are going to use this lack of understanding from others to motivate you into manifesting different career opportunities that are more suited for you. Mars will positively affect your finances, especially in terms of risky ventures (something your sign is strong with). If you are looking into property investments or real estate, you might be receiving huge financial gain within the first month of the New Year!


You are usually very blessed with mental and physical strength. This will be maintained up until the end of January. Your physical and mental condition may worsen at the end of the month, but it’s up to you to avoid that from manifesting. Make sure you are taking large strides with your physical activity and destressing from external issues. Taking care of your emotional balance must be first and foremost this month, Scorpio. Quiet time, meditation, yoga, and relaxation are highly recommended for the betterment of your health!
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