Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

The sun energy is shining heavy on you, my dear Taurus. Bask in the golden ray of glory for the New Year brings blessings. The second sign of zodiac Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. With a great amount of perseverance and determination, the symbol bull signifies strength and valor. And boy oh boy, you must prepare yourself for the very full and busy month that lies ahead of you this month! With the planetary shifts rocking back and forth, your experiences and emotions may mirror these exact changes.

Take time at the beginning of the month reevaluate your goals whilst adding newer goals to the list to match your vibrational growth. Expect uplifting changes in your work life and be sure to reciprocate positive energy to those around you. You will be experiencing more expansion in love, career, and many more opportunities!


Due to the large influx of positivity and joy, love will surely be in your corner this month! Your love life may develop to become stronger due to your uprising feelings of confidence and courage. This is an absolutely golden time for your love life to flourish, this including the relationship between you and your family and friends! Allow your new found aggressiveness to fuel your sensual desires and let in the love you have been seeking in others.


Taurus, can you feel the abundance continuing this New Year? Your chart foretells itself in your house for your career advancement, furthering your career opportunities and creating more options. Focusing career this month will surely bring effectiveness to furthering your education and advancing your skillsets. Try not to indulge yourself in power struggle as it may result in your hard work in vain. Planning for some trips would be there but travel only when it looks productive for you!


Unfortunately, this may not be the healthiest month for you Taurus. The horoscope highlights the health issues can occur around the mid-month. You need to rest more as your health would be delicate in this time frame, should you ignore your health; it will worsen. You should continue with your daily health routine to reduce your health problems. Exercising and practicing yoga will increase your stamina and calm your mind. The horoscope predicts a challenging period of health but do not panic! You can focus on your mental and physical well-being this month to improve these issues moving forward.
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