Virgo Monthly Forecast

AUG 23-SEP 22

Vivacious Virgo, you are truly a beautiful soul.  Spiritually, is huge for your life as well as your successes. Your personal ambitions, willingness to develop, broadening horizons and acquiring knowledge is also important, so in January 2019, Virgo should think about this area of their lives. This is the perfect time to focus on meditation and healing as you self-reflect and find out more about yourself. You are absolutely overwhelmed with your own energy and are figuring out how to organize and balance this in your life.

Satisfaction and fulfillment with your own achievements will positively affect you and allow you to look into the future with greater hope. Given your kind nature, you will start to meet and collaborate more with others, increasing your creative levels and boosting your energy!


Vibrant Virgo, you have the change to fully express yourself on the romantic/love level. By being your authentic self and radiating love, you will feel an overflow of good luck and love surrounding you. However, January, there will be problems with maintaining good relations with close family (parents and siblings most), which will result in a difference of views. You can cool off by not allowing these emotions to distract you from your other goals in life but instead, motivate you to be more present. Be in control of your emotions and give your love, you will receive exactly what you’ve been waiting for!


Following the theme of the month, your success in career depends largely on your emotional security and belief in yourself. Your perspective can make a huge difference in your career opportunities! Matters of the mind will take precedence making you worry about your purpose in your career. Do not spend large quantities of money as there is a prediction you will be spending money on unexpected expenses. Be cautious, but not worrisome. Obstacles will pass and you will continue to shine!


Virgo, you are a natural when it comes to understanding your own intuition. Don’t cancel any self-healing time this month, you will need your health completely restored to receive what you are looking for. The psychological aspect of health is very important because the internal harmony translates into the maintenance of physical fitness. If you want to keep your mind and body in good shape, you must control your emotions and nerves. This is a MUST!
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