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January 1, 2019by lovelylife0

New Year is the perfect time to believe in yourself.

Happy New Year, all! It’s a New Year, and a new you! Not just a “new” you but a better version of you. Every New Year, people all over the world make resolutions in order to better or strengthen their lives. Of course, we can get a little discouraged when we start to fall off our resolutions and start going back to the “old ways”. But guess what? You can change that. You have the power, magic, and resilience to achieve your goals but it absolutely starts with believing.

Believing in yourself seems easy enough but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s harder than initially anticipated.  Lack of belief in your abilities will throw you some major curveballs in life. Lack of belief is the reason for settling in your career, relationships, and personal goals; which can lead to painful self-doubt and bad habits. Fear not, this is something you can control, work on, and ultimately grow from! Learning to really believe in yourself will set you up for so much success, happiness, and growth. You are here to change the world. You are here to break boundaries, build beautiful relationships, and be your fabulous, authentic self.  Start by appreciating your “failures”. How is failure positive? It’s the only way we truly learn and change. A little secret…failures will help you succeed, so learn from them, move on, and do not allow them to permit you from following your aspirations. Accept failure and allow it to motivate you. You have complete control over your life, emotions, and actions. Allow those minor or major lapses to push you further into achieving your desired life. Seeing IS believing. 

"Body cells replace themselves every month. Even at this very moment. Most everything you think you know about me is nothing more than memories.”
- Haruki Murakami

Successful planning for the New Year.

There is simply no wrong or right way to make New Year’s resolutions. However, the more visual and detailed your goals and aspirations are, the more likely you are to execute them! In order to make your resolutions come true, reflect deeply on what you want. Meditate; think clearly. Whatever you feel you are lacking currently or would like to add in the near future, jot it down. Start with a rough draft, leading to a final version with visualization and detailed notes. Make it special and allow it to reflect on your personal wants and aspirations. I recommend doing a Goal Board reflecting on everything you would like to see in 2019!

Here are some of my personal favorite resolutions:

Make Self-Care Priority. I don’t think I have to tell you how important your self-care is. Self-care does not require spending any money or treating yourself. Self-care is much deeper. You can improve your self-care regime by building a healthy foundation through sleep, diet, exercise, and positive affirmations. Avoid stress, whether it be taking a break from social media, cutting down on commitments, saying “no”, or avoiding any triggers that can stifle your results. You are beautiful, protect that golden mind of yours.

Increase Your Spirituality. Developing spiritual and heart intelligence allows us to truly flourish, whether it be in times of crisis or in times of solitude. Spirituality works like a barrier or love; protecting you from toxicity and bad habits. It allows us to be leaders in our own achievements. You can start by creating positive habits for yourself, treating yourself and others with love and kindness, exploring nature, and using spiritual tools to help in the healing process.

Practice Gratitude Daily. Feeling and expressing gratitude will do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. You can reflect and write down everything you are grateful. Make a beautiful list and stare at it daily. Recite out loud or in your head. Life will undoubtedly throw you some obstacles, so it is especially important to practice gratitude by appreciating what you have. Practice mindfulness and self-peace. 

Record Your Progress. Reflect on you and your life over the past year. Review journals, planners, photographs, blogs, and other notations you have created during the past year. Consider how you have grown, overcame challenges, shared adventures, and review some of your favorite learnings. You can quickly discover what you want to improve on and what you want to unlearn. Old, negative habits can be replaced by new, positive habits with your time, effort, and energy!

Create Your Own Mantra’s. A mantra is an affirmation to motivate and inspire you to be your best self. It is typically a positive phrase or statement that you use to affirm the way you want to live your life. Its purpose is to provide motivation and encouragement to you when you need to focus and achieve your goals. An example of a personal mantra is, “Expect nothing and appreciate everything”.

Make Monetary Goals. Most people make monetary goals as their main goal for the New Year. I recommend starting with your foundation (self-care) and then incorporating this goal. You can start will small steps by saving money, educating yourself on money-management, expanding knowledge on banking and investments, and creating positive habits that enable you to reach your monetary goals. The more specific and detailed your financial habits and spending are, the more you can realistically set new goals for yourself and achieve them!

Control Of Your Diet & Exercise. Reflect honestly on your current wellness, dietary, and fitness habits. Create your own goals and find people who have achieved similar results on what you want for yourself. Do the research, watch videos, and record your progress. Decide whether you are making major or minor changes and adapt accordingly. Your health is hugely important and making resolutions towards achieving your goals is an amazing accomplishment! Remember, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Be Present, Honest, & Accountable. Being present allows you to reflect on what is going on in the current moment. Why is this important? Because we tend to overthink and overanalyze past and future thoughts. The more present you are, the more in tune you are with yourself and those around you. Being honest and accountable allows you to take control of your own destiny. Accountability allows you to reflect on your mistakes, that way you can learn, unlearn, and change certain habits from forming again. The more present, honest, and accountable you are, the happier you will be!!!


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