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January 24, 2019by lovelylife7

What is the Rainbow Body?

Historically speaking, many mystical traditions knew that everything is made up of energy. Which is basically billions of molecules each acting as their own cosmos, emitting their own vibration. As nothing in this world is just physical, it’s this culmination of constantly moving energy creating matter. Knowing how to use form optimally was the work of the sages, and is now becoming the practices of the awakened collective. Humanity has discovered the Light Body and the Rainbow Body. 
To summarize, the Light Body is our flesh-vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return back to the “source”. The Rainbow Body is the result of maintaining a constant frequency of unconditional love. However, once the Light Body is activated, more sincere practices in absolute love are necessary to elevate the light body to the incredible Rainbow Body state.

Rainbow Body Activation

When pursuing your journey to learning higher consciousness and ascension of your mind, body, and spirit- the Rainbow Body activation is absolutely essential in achieving enlightenment and total astral ascension. Ascending into your Rainbow Body means you will become more balanced, self-controlled, energetic, and empowering. You will have better interaction with magic, spirits, and extraterrestrial energies. You will have a stronger connection with your auric field and hold better visions via your dream state. You will connect with Universal dimensions and energies that don’t seem to “exist” on the 3rd Dimensional level. 

The greatest of all the mystical teachings is the ascension of consciousness so that one can transcend the physical body as well as the physical boundaries on earth. This practice, often depicted as a rainbow body or beam of light, has always been reserved for the highly spiritual, enlightened, ascended masters.




Is the Rainbow Body real?

Peter Noble from the University of Washington has done some very interesting research in 2016 in the field of post mortem life where he discovered that certain genes, specifically 500 of them, are even more active and alive after body death than before, peaking 4 days after body death. So it seems that the brain and body are still alive even though we consider it the end or “dead”. Another very interesting find was that certain embryonic genes that develop the brain and eyes were once again activated after body death. It is found that the last cells to die are stem cells, they take up to 17 days after body death to die. This all is very interesting research when you continue reading about the phenomena called the Rainbow Body and how it can affect the physical body. 


the beginning stages of the rainbow body while still alive, body changes start occurring starting off the inner and outer skin becoming extraordinarily smooth; nerves and muscles relax gradually; bones, membranes, and cartilages become automatically flexible; blood and semen changes from a liquid to a thickened state; the brain and all its parts became spongy expanded like a flower; through the entire body leaks the Amrit – “Nectar of the Goddess” – the drink flowing from the crown chakra down into the body and tastes sweet like burned sugar when it passes through the throat chakra and grants immortality when it flows nonstop. The face becomes brilliant, delicate and harmonious, making evident the internal state of supreme happiness!



“Your light body is a vehicle to assist you in experiencing your God state and it’s the most worthy gift you can give yourself. Don’t beat yourself up: do your best, stay in your truth and heal missteps as they occur. Intention matched with frequency will be the surest path to ascension. Below, I share a few steps for activation:




Vibration and purity of intention must be in place before undergoing the activations. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Decalcification of the pineal gland is mandatory for us to achieve higher states of awareness. Fluoride intentionally shuts down the pineal gland, supporting the suppression of its importance. Be conscious in your work to facilitate this healing.



Every breath is a prayer. Use your thoughts to connect to the universe and give gratitude for everything. Meditation will also bring us into the stillness within, where we can connect with the wisdom of our own hearts.


Sound is the language of the cosmos. The right music, binaural beats, classical music or even heavy metal at the right moment can break up stagnant energy and alleviate any low-vibrational thoughts.

Tom Kenyon is rightfully heralded as a master of sound; listening to his auditory activations will be a fast track to your growth.


Korean shamans use laughter as their primary healing tool. Anytime we find ourselves in a lower state, depressed, irritated or angry, know your go-to to bring you into giggles. A YouTube video or funny joke will bring you back to higher frequencies.


Time outdoors is the most fundamental ally to change your frequency. Commune with nature to remember the rhythm and timing of the the universe which is vastly different than our human drive for instant gratification.


The sun has been a boon of humanity in every world culture. Get yourself some Vitamin D to lift any funk and stimulate the pineal gland chakra.


Dishonesty and addiction are detractors from this work. To be pure light in an active light body means holding purity in our thoughts, will and intention.

Be impeccable with your word and heal what clouds your mind, allowing more light to penetrate.


To prepare, find a comfortable seat without interruption. Breathing normally, direct your mind to “see” the visuals. No need for stress or strain, just give your imagination permission to create this for you.

  • Visualize yourself sitting inside a pyramid with the base resting on your hips and the tip pointing up toward the cosmos. Fill this pyramid with the color of lightning.
  • See the downward-pointing pyramid with the base at your heart and the tip resting in the earth. Fill this pyramid with the color of lightning and breathe normally for a few breaths.
  • When you can feel these two around you, exhale powerfully from your navel, sending out a sphere of golden light to encircle the octahedron.
  • Breathe deeply and allow yourself to experience this field around you.
  • When you can feel all three elements without strain, give them a spin clockwise: the pyramids first, then the sphere surrounding it. You may notice activation of a higher frequency, or a slight shift in physical sensations.

You’ve now activated the living light body and will notice a discernible difference in your body and mind”


Credit Source “How To Activate The Light Body” by Andye Murphy for Gaia 



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